Calcium supplements and bone health

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Cards of MaximumD3® will gladly be provided to professional offices to initiate patient care, provide to patients requiring increased dosing for loading or provide to patients who cannot afford the product. Preprinted prescription pads are also available. Please:

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Cholecalciferol for Clinical Studies

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The most common regime for loading and initial follow up with MAXIMUM D3®.

  • Serum 25(OH) D <18-20 ng/ml - 10,000 IU (1 cap) daily for 30 days, then 20,000 IU (2 caps) weekly

  • Serum 25(OH) D >20 ng/ml - 20,000 IU (2 caps) weekly;

  • And then reassess 25 (OH) D levels after 12 weeks.

  • These recommendations apply only to experience with MAXIMUM D3®.


Good evidence exists for a risk of overt bone disease (osteomalacia, Rickets) with levels below 20 ng/ml; there is fair to good evidence for suboptimal calcium absorption below 32 ng/ml; primitive sun exposed populations have 25(OH)D levels predominantly in the 40-60 ng/ml range.

Toxicity from short term exposure requires levels near or above 150 ng/ml. Because of lack evidence for additional benefit, limited data for adverse effect and uncertainty over toxicity from chronic use - the Institute of Medicine recommends against doses above 4000 IU/day in unsupervised patients. (References are available upon request.)




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