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This page is intended for patients on higher doses of vitamin D and receiving medical supervision for malabsorption (celiac disease, intestinal/gastric bypass, cystic fibrosis), women receiving an aromatase inhibitor as part of treatment for breast cancer ( and for some parathyroid, kidney and bone disorders.

Our recommendation is that anyone taking more than 2 gel caps weekly should do so on the advice of and under the supervision of a knowledgeable practitioner. (This is consistent with Institute of Medicine recommendations.)

Maximum D3® Discount and Assistance Programs

The original packaging for Maximum D3® was intended for individual maintenance dosing of healthy persons. Because of the consistency of strength and advantages of absorption, practitioners have begun recommending much higher dosing to selected patients. The packaging and pricing structure of the retail product can be burdensome for persons taking several gel caps weekly for extended periods of time.

For reduced prices on bulk purchases (multiples of 12 cards) please copy and complete the information below, then have your practitioner verify it. The patient or a practitioner can then forward it by fax to 660-665-8905 or scan and email to

Patient Practitioner Information Form

NOTE We do not want specific medical data. No information is shared with anyone unless the practitioner requests a sales person to call for samples or information.


For those who cannot afford reduced prices for bulk purchases, please have your provider's office contact us for free samples to be provided to the practitioner's office - by fax 660-665-8905 or email

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