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Product Contents

Allergen List


Cereals containing Gluten and products thereof


Crustaceans (mussels and shellfish) and products thereof


Eggs and products thereof


Fish and products thereof


Peanuts and products thereof


Soybeans and products thereof

(Lecithin derived from soy)

Milk and dairy products (including lactose)


Nuts and products thereof



Additional information

Composition and Origin (weights approximate)


Lecithin derived from soy (USA)

287mg (0.01 ounce)

Pharmaceutical Kosher bovine gelatin caps (France)

73 mg (0.0026 ounce)

Cholecalciferol - vitamin D3 (USA)

0.3mg (0.00001 ounce)


Dyes (required for printing and those approved by the FDA)


       FD&C Blue 1


       There is no coloring in the oil.


PLEASE NOTE that each of our production lots is tested prior to distribution. Ingredients are also tested prior to production and later testing is done for evidence of contamination or degradation.

Quality is a concern with any product. It is especially important with concentrated ingested products such as medications, vitamins and nutritional supplements. Maximum D3 is manufactured, packaged and warehoused in the USA in FDA registered facilities - CAPSUGEL Greenwood, SC USA, QUALITY BY DESIGN Seymour, IN USA and PRO-PHARMA LLC Kirksville, MO USA

The formulation has been intelligently designed, Not just the dosage, but:

The hard gel cap for stability

The digestible oil for consistency of potency (mixing), stability and absorption

Maximum D3 conforms to USP standards <581> for purity, <2091> for weight variation, and <2040> for disintegration and dissolution and conforms to available USP standards for ingredients.


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